Hannah Slaney ‘PLAY-PAUSE-REPEAT’ at Le Petit Corner

05 Mar

This March we are exhibiting Hannah Slaney and her collection of fine art photography at Le Petit Corner.

Hannah is a British Photographer and an avid and prolific creator of imagery.
Her still life work is a symbolic and vibrant exploration of a creative concept with inspiration derived from memories, recreation and observations of everyday life.
Current projects include: The Human Condition, Bad Eating Habits, The Entire Contents Of My School Blazer Pocket and Things To Do When Waiting For a Bus.

Hannah and I worked to bring together six images from her various studies to showcase a broad collection for her months residency.

The work will be available to view until the 10th of April for more information and to purchase the art please email info@lauraleadesign.com or pop into the gallery just a short walk from the exhibition.