Estampe and co

04 Oct

How Estampe and Co make winter cool again with their 'Artica Collection'

Estampe and Co came about through the collaboration of two French artists & designers, Loic and Anne-Sophie. They are passionate about their creative range of designs based on eco-friendly habitat conservation. The company promotes an informed response to environmental issues and endeavours to inspire a respect for natural ecology through its designs.

Their new ARTICA collection of wallpaper is a subtle repeat print in four variations of design and cool blue's, using a sea lion as its subject, highlighting the one of the regions of the world most threatened by the consequences of climate change‎.

To learn more about the ethos of this ETSY AWARD 2016 winning duo visit their website at :

The wallpapers are printed in France and the UK in an eco-friendly process. In addition to the ARTICA collection are two art prints 'Ice Mountain and 'Artica' come in both A3 and A2 Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching's come in both A3 and A2 and are Limited and numbered to 100 of each size.

All art prints are available framed and unframed in our boutique. For enquiries on any of the products email