City Skies – Berlin

07 May 2017 – Leytonstone

I am delighted to announce that renowned artist Sarah Kudrika will be joining us to showcase a solo exhibition of her Berlin collection.

Sarah Kudirka is an award-winning artist best known for her series of paintings of city skies made directly over the top of Polaroids. This work is based on a simple idea: walking in the city and looking up at the sky squeezed in between the buildings. The results are highly original and accessible. The artist chooses to present her images in multiple grids, typically triptychs or larger groups. Having made hundreds of individual images of London and showing no sign of slowing down, she is now also working on cities including Berlin, Glasgow, Hong Kong and Sydney. Sarah brings both passion and playfulness to her work.

A refreshing and original new perspective on city views and finding a new relationship with common surroundings Sarah reintroduces us to our beloved Berlin.

Join us from 6pm the 9th of June for a private view and drinks reception, meet the artist and fall in love all over again with one of the most beautiful architecture in the world.