‘Fuck Reality’ Solo Exhibition with Louise McNaught

19 May 2017 – Leytonstone

We are very excited to artist Louise McNaught back to our gallery for her second solo exhibition with us in East London. This year Louise is taking us to other realms of reality, a place where unicorns are real, endangered species are in abundance and there is nothing fucked up with the natural balance and order of things.

Louise McNaught is using her art to counter the chaos of reality we are living in now with 'FUCK REALITY' a painting with limited edition prints of a beautiful white unicorn, because in that world there is no Trump, there is no degradation of our fragile planet and the venerable creatures that live within it, and there is no amount of money that is valued over a human life.

'Fuck Reality' is a cathartic response to the chaos of political unease and the pain of division it causes. Louise's response to these unsettling times is to simply say 'Fuck Reality'.

As an artist working uniquely with the natural world as a subject she has been able to indulge herself into a world of beauty and fantasy, so we all might get some respite in this crazy world full of anger and extremes.

Rest your brain, look to beauty as an antidote and Fuck Reality.

A new collection of limited edition butterfly prints will be available to collect alongside new mini polar bears and an incredible up cycled cabinet made in collaboration with Muck'n'brass

Pre sale enquiries email for prices and framing advice or go to our online gallery for information

Private View opens this Friday the 19th from 6pm

RSVP: lauraleadesign@gmail.com